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Chichen Itza

First of all, I'm extremely happy that you found the way to my blog!


I'm Mirja Angela, 29 years young and I live in beautiful Switzerland.

Most of the time, my everyday life is quite stressful, because I try (sometimes more successful, sometimes less ^^) to handle two jobs and academic studies at the same time. I work as a receptionist in a cute physiotherapy practice in the heart of Zurich and besides that, I'm a dance teacher since more than 6 years already. Two years ago, I began to study environmental science at University of Zurich and I love love love it so much!

In my free time, I love to take care of my plants. My little urban garden means everything to me! Furthermore, it is impossible for me to sit still when the weather outside is beautiful (it's the same for me with music, too btw. ;-)), that's why I spend a lot of my free time outside, doing all sorts of things; from day trips to long travels... always trying to chase the sun.
Sometimes, I also like to simply lay in my deck chair in the middle of my little plant paradise, where I can let my mind wander and be thankful to be alive.

Ah and this needs to be mentioned as well: To eat is one of the most wonderful thins on earth for me! But before I can eat something, food needs to be prepared first, which brings me to my passion for cooking. I love to cook various, delicious vegetarian meals for me and others! (Yes, vegetarian food is absolutely delicious guys ;-)!). My newest passion is Miro; our (that's me and my boyfriend) Fiat Ducato van which we are currently converting into a camper. 


Here on my blog, I'd like to show you my life and share my adventures with you. I'll take you with me on my travels (by public transports, van or airplane) and will furthermore write about my everyday life. With a lot of passion, I'll share my knowledge about plants and urban gardening with you. 
The environment, and its protection, is a matter that is near to my heart and I hope that I can help you with some tips and tricks to live a more sustainable and eco-friendlier life. Moreover, I'd like to share some of my delicious vegetarian recipes with you: And I also hope, that my blog posts help you to achieve a more positive mindset, which in my opinion is essential for living a happy and successful life. 


If you like my website and my blog posts, I'd be so happy to read a comment from you! Of course, I'm also amenable to ideas for improvement.

For now, I wish you lots of fun on my website; and again: I'm so happy to have you here on my blog!