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Chichen Itza

First of all, I'm extremely glad you found the way to my blog!



I'm Mirja, 31 years young and I come from beautiful Switzerland.

In April 2021, I bought an old post bus with my boyfriend Robin and with a lot of love and patience, we converted it into a camper. We recently sold (almost) everything we owned, gave up our apartment and quit our jobs. From October 2022, Miro (that's the name of our van) will be our only home; at the same time, he somehow makes all of Europe our new home :-).


I'm a dreamer with thousands of ideas and constantly new projects, which I sometimes complete more and sometimes less successfully.

I've tried a lot of things in my life; I worked as a dance teacher for 7 years and as a physiotherapy practice assistant for 10 years.

Furthermore, I did the Matura (general qualification for university entrance) for 3.5 years because I thought that ALL paths would then be open to me :-D.

In fact, I also spent a few semesters at the University of Zurich and studied, among other things, a few semesters of German studies, Islamic studies, geography, very sporadically one semester of sociology, two semesters of politics and 8 semesters of environmental sciences. I still don't have a bachelor's degree, which doesn't bother me, because I'm primarily learning for myself and my life, not for a piece of "paper" and a good paid job.

After realizing that an academic career wasn't really my thing, I reoriented myself and completed further training to become a certified Social Media Online Marketing Manager. In addition, I am currently in a 200H Yoga Teacher Training, which means that I will be a yoga teacher soon.


About my hobbies, passions and preferences:

I am a summer person, always chasing the sun and warmth. It's really hard for me to sit still when the weather is nice (and the same with good music, by the way). So I travel a lot, always looking for new adventures.

But sometimes I also just enjoy to lie in a deck chair in nature and let my thoughts run free; or the little things that make life so beautiful.

I practice yoga very often and meditate almost every day. It helps me calm my chaotic, erratic mind and see more clearly.

One of my newest hobbies is making macrame, because it feels very calming or even meditative to me. In addition, I am incredibly happy with the end products; I often gift them to beloved ones or hang them up somewhere in Miro (as long as there is still space left ^^).


Here on my blog I would like to share my life in the van, my adventures and sometimes also my thoughts with you.

The environment, and its protection, is a matter that is near to my heart and I hope that I can help you with some tips and tricks to live a more sustainable and eco-friendlier life. 


If you like my website and my blog posts, I'd be so happy to read a comment from you! Of course, I'm also amenable to ideas for improvement.

For now, I wish you lots of fun on my website; and again: I'm so happy to have you here on my blog!